Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » Charlize Theron Talks Marriage with Piers Morgan

Even though she has no plans herself to ever walk down the aisle, Charlize Theron is angered that most states still won’t allow same-sex marriages.

The South African beauty opened up about the issue during an appearance on “Piers Morgan Tonight" - which airs at 9PM ET on CNN.

Of the matter, Theron said, "It's a divine right, and when government starts to tell us who can love and what is good love...I do have a problem with that. I do have a problem with the fact that our government has not stepped up to make this federal."

As for her decision to avoid exchanging nuptials, Charlize first said, "Some would say because I came from a very troubled marriage, my parents did not have a good marriage, but I don't think it's that."

The actress continued to tell that she prefers longterm, committed relationships, saying, "That's the kind of union that I want. The actual ceremony is not something that's important for me."

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