Friday, June 24, 2011

Celeb MUSIC » Justin Bieber Takes on the NYPD

For Justin Bieber, a trip to New York City that started with an appearance on The Late Show and proceeded with a hosting gig on The View turned surreal and scary outside a Macy's yesterday.

The singer was signing autographs when the crowd grew unruly, which led to one giant misunderstanding and a citation for disorderly conduct. Here's what happened:

Justin Bieber in NYC: Yikes!

In the face of a growing disturbance, a man rushed over to Bieber. He was understandably frightened and a member of the star's security team stepped in to thwart was he perceived to be an attacedk.

HOWEVER, the individual turned out to be a plain-clothed cop who was simply coming to Justin's aid.

Sources say the officer identified himself, but Bieber's bodyguard didn't back down. Hence, the disorderly conduct citation.

Reportedly, authorities are also unhappy that Justin's team deviated from a scheduled route outside Macy's, which is what led to the situation and near-trampling in the first place.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured and Bieber moved the autograph session inside to a more secure area. Just another day in the life of the planet's most popular teenager.


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