Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » Brooke Mueller: Off to Mexican Rehab!

Celeb GOSSIP » Brooke Mueller: Off to Mexican Rehab!
  Will the 16th rehab trip be the charm for Brooke Mueller?

It took being snapped with pot on the sidewalk, followed by an embarrassing confrontation with a stewardess on an airplane, but Brooke Mueller is headed back to rehab.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie Sheen's ex-wife is trying something unique this time around: she'll spend seven days in a facility in Mexico. The reason? It offers a drug that is meant to help her kick her drug habit.

Illegal in America, Ibogaine is a substance extracted from an iboga plant. Some experts believe it rewires one's addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin.

Brooke is reportedly referring to the program as "extreme" and she's confident it will work. Sounds a bit loony and desperate to us, but those descriptions also apply Mueller. And, hey, it could be worse.

She could be seeing Dr. Drew instead.

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