Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » Giuliana Rancic Poses with Pasta

Celeb GOSSIP » Giuliana Rancic Poses with Pasta 

Pictured above: Super skinny TV personality Giuliana Rancic on vacation in Italy, posing with 3 plates of pasta. ’2people…3 bowls of pasta’… is the caption under the shot on Twitter.

Famous quotes from Giuliana: ‘I will enjoy the “cheat” food by having a little bit of it and giving the rest away. For instance, if i just MUST have pasta, I will let my husband order it and have some bites of his. Or I will order a healthy dish and ask for a half order of the pasta (no cream, ever!) on the side. I will eat half of the side of pasta and pass the rest around the table so my friends can try it to. That way you are impressing the table with your generosity and cutting lots of calories.’

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