Friday, July 1, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » Jonathan Rhys Meyers Suffered "Alcohol" Releapse

Giving everyone quite the scare upon being rushed to the hospital, more details regarding Jonathan Rhys Meyers' medical issues have come forth.

Contrary to initial reports, the "Tudors" star didn't try to take his own life - rather he suffered a relapse while falling back to his old habits of alcohol use.

According to People magazine, Meyers was found "slumped" at his Maida Vale home in central London - with an insider in the know confirming that the actor "relapsed into his old drinking habits, despite making progress in recent months."

As for the situation, the 33-year-old is said to have refused the help of medical personnel before being taken to the hospital for his own safety.

Dr David Sack of Promises Treatment Centre told COntactMusic, "The fact that Rhys Meyers was trying to send away the ambulance suggests he didn't recognize the seriousness of the problem and that he was still hoping to conceal it. If on reflection he decides to re-engage in treatment, his prognosis could be very good".

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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