Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » The wedding deal-breakers Cheryl Cole's given Ashley

Celeb GOSSIP » The wedding deal-breakers Cheryl Cole's given Ashley

Cheryl will only meet Ashley at the altar if promises to be good

Cheryl and Ashley Cole have had enough of playing the waiting game and have stepped up their reunion plans.

But Chezza, 28, has six golden rules for her love cheat ex.

1. No more sexting

Not even with her - because Cheryl worries that they could both lose their phones. She says the embarrassment would destroy them. Ashley's also only allowed to have one mobile phone account and no pay-as-you-go phones, nicknamed 'pimp mobiles'.

2. Daily video chats

Whenever they're apart, Ashley has to call Cheryl via video phone so she can check he's actually in his hotel room.

'Ash called her every night while he was in LA recently and she wants that to continue,' reveals Now's insider.

3. No secret social networking

Ashley is banned from setting up secret Twitter or Facebook pages - Cheryl has to know about all his accounts and have the passwords.

4. Take cookery classes together

Cheryl's keen on them doing more things as a couple.

'Cheryl isn't fantastic in the kitchen, so she wants them to learn how to cook together,' says our source.

5. Prove it!

Cheryl's told friends she's going to stage randomly timed calls to Ashley's hotel to make sure he is where he says he is.

Our insider adds: 'He's joked about her sending a spy to keep an eye on him when he's away on his next footy tour.'

6. Date weekends

Ashley and Cheryl will set aside one weekend a month when they can go away and spend some romantic alone time together.

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