Monday, July 18, 2011

Celeb MOVIE » ‘2084’ Coming To You Via ‘24’ Showrunner & ‘Final Destination’ Director/Writer

I like The Terminator. I like 1984. So why does a movie that basically combine the two of them sound so... sub par?

Howard Gordon, who ran the fairly awesome 24 (and worked on Buffy, Angel, and the X-Files) and James Wong, who directed/wrote Final Destination, have teamed up to bring us 2084, a transmedia project that will spawn a movie and young adult book series. The film will pretty much follow 1984 (as evidenced by the title), only there will be sentient robots ruling over humans instead of other humans. I would normally be down with this if it were just Gordon handling it, but Wong’s presence makes me weary. He directed Dragonball: Evolution. I think that speaks for itself.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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