Monday, July 18, 2011

Celeb MOVIE » Noam Murro Directing '300' Sequel 'Battle of Artemisia’

Looks like the prequel for 300 is taking off and behind the directors chair is Noam Murro who’s last feature work was... Smart People? Oh, ok. But he’s also done some incredible commercial work, like these Halo: Reach ones and he's lined up to direct a fifth installment of Die Hard — so I guess handing over an incredibly graphics heavy feature film isn’t the dumbest move of the century.

The film is now titled 300: Battle of Artemisia (nixing the original, more awesome Xeres title) and will follow Xeres’ rise to self-proclaimed godhood. Why they’re calling the film 300 when it has nothing to do with the original 300 Spartans is beyond me (just kidding, it’s all about the branding!). And they’ll also be keeping the incredibly stylized visuals from the first movie, which, considering just about every other movie after 300 copied the same style, is no surprise.

Source: /Film

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