Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP » Yasmin Mitri: Richie Sambora Girlfriend, Coke-Dealing Prostitute?

After falling off the wagon earlier this year, Richie Sambora recently left rehab to join his Bon Jovi tour. All appeared to be going well for the guy.

He's been linked to a cocaine-using, Brazilian call girl who claims to be his girlfriend, however, if a report in the UK's Daily Mail is to be believed.

Yasmin Mitri has been busted for dealing cocaine, and claims to be a "professional published model" who charges $1,600-8,000 for her "services."

She claims she and Sambora have been together for a year.

Yasmin Mitri and Richie Sambora
Is Richie Sambora's new plaything nothing but trouble?

As for the drug bit, the 24-year-old (he's 51) was quoted in the News of the World as offering to buy drugs for their undercover reporter.

It claimed she wore the same silver dress she wore for a night out in London with Sambora when the journalist went to her London flat.

She then described her use of cocaine and how she could provide it.

She said: "I like coke. I started doing it five months ago. It's £50 a gram. You have to order two grams. If you order some now, it'll be 20 minutes."

Sounds like a girl who knows what she wants. And probably illegal.

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